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Stock Game - A React & Ruby on Rails Project

Chart of a random stock

For a working demo of the project, visit:

For my final project at Flatiron, I created The Anonymous Stock Trading Game. It was an idea I had several months ago and decided to make it my final project.

My original idea was to show the first half of an anonymous chart before the game starts. Then once the game begins, update the chart with each new day and see how much a player could make (or lose).

I started sketching my idea out and soon realized the game would be more fun if the player was given no historical price context at all! Just a blank chart that only starts to update once the game begins!

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Shelter Gifts - A Ruby on Rails Project

A representation of what Shelter Gifts is all about

For a working demo of the project, visit:

For my first Ruby on Rails project (my third project for Flatiron), I created Shelter Gifts. I came up with the idea for the app several months ago, well before reaching the Ruby on Rails section in the curriculum. I started following DHH on Twitter a while back because I was looking forward to learning Ruby on Rails and he created it! Well, in February he retweeted something from from Ryan Singer that stuck with me:

That got me thinking: what are some problem spaces that I could address? What areas could I help in and where? That changed from what and where to who. Who are the people in problem spaces? Who are some people with problems? Everyone has problems. Who are the people with some of the biggest problems? People that are homeless.

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